TheUnical Technologies offers a wide range of custom development and technology integration services to help organizations create, manage and deliver technology services to various business, technology organizations. Customers retain us for the following types of services:

Many of our customers benefit from TheUnical Technologies premiere support services by using a hybrid our own staff developers, engineers, trainers and support staff. The result is not only an accelerated and smoother project.

Companies that do not have certified project managers or project office capabilities turn to TheUnical Technologies to help run mission-critical projects as well as to set up project offices and train internal staff in project management best practices. For those customers that DO have project managers on staff, TheUnical Technologies is often used to augment the team when the project load is overwhelming.

Training and Support Services -- When an organization decides to implement a major technology like a new workflow system, content management, digital asset management, or portal solution, typically there is not enough internal staff to perform all the training and desk-side support. Without that kind of support, the success of your project is jeopardized since staff may be less willing to accept change. With TheUnical Technologies fully certified training staff that have years of subject matter expertise as well as sensitivity training for when unusual situations arise, your company will have the best onsite training and support to dramatically improve your project success rates.

TheUnical Technologies employees have been referred to as "Navy SEALs" of technology services. For instance, TheUnical Technologies has stringent qualifications for hiring. All employees must consistently maintain professional certifications in software development, project management, training and technology engineering. New hires must pass industry-standard certification exams within the first 6 months of being employed.

TheUnical Technologies also follows a repeatable, measurable project engagement process. Derived from the Project Management Institute as well as Rational Unified Process (in development work), the process ensures that  employees receive intense training in various methodologies.

TheUnical Technologies Expertise in many open source solutions.